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Are you looking for a trusted partner for Data Science solutions with state-of-the-art knowledge? COMPUTD consists of a team of Data Experts and Data Scientist which combines technology and data. Our services exist in different levels, detecting promising projects, bolstering your team and working on consultancy basis to come to the most ideal custom-made Data Science Solution.

Our most challenging goal is to make Data Science more accessible and demystify Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Your wishes and commands are our fuel to bring you to your desired situation.

Digitalize your business

Our experts assist with Digital Transformation at every level of your Digitalization journey.

End-to-end projects

Partner with our data experts from the conception to the delivery for your digitalization projects!

Bolster your team

Strengthen your team for a limited time with a data expert.

Data Journey

We explore together the possible digitisation use-cases at your business, be that Data Science or AI related.


Using data mining, forecasting and machine learning techniques, we provide insights into your data.


After obtaining clear insights, we train your organisation on how to leverage the potential of AI and Data Science.


Our team tailors Machine Learning and AI solutions that fit and benefit your exact business goals


Our Data Scientists help you design your road-map towards data-drive decision making.


Organizations that already trust us:

Working with COMPUTD was an enlightening experience. Their knowledge and expertise brought useful insights to our data analytics team. We collaborated on making datadriven decision for our paintshop. COMPUTD’s young and dynamic team together with our team at VDL Nedcar ensured a positive result.

VDL Nedcar
Paul van Vuuren

CEO, VDL Nedcar

Working with COMPUTD has been a pleasure. We have worked together on multiple projects in which our employees are in continuous contact with the guys of COMPUTD. We collaborate on data models where COMPUTD reviews and validates the architectural choices in our data models enabling us to have a better explanation towards our clients and to speed up the development process of our company.

Sven Reulen

CEO, StraTopo

We have worked together with COMPUTD on multiple fronts: migrating our Data Warehouse, creating Descriptive dashboards and diving deep in our data with What’s Your Data Worth. On all ends, we felt very comfortable with the people from COMPUTD and their expertise with Data.

Roger Scholtes

Director, AgriDirect

Recently COMPUTD gave us a glimpse into the world of Artificial Intelligence through an introduction session. An interesting and accessible session, in which they inspired us on the basis of theory, alternated with many practical cases and showed us the added value and possibilities of AI.

Thelma Brassé

Senior Consultant, ORGFit

When it comes to recruiting new partners, football clubs are always looking for new and innovative solutions. We had the need to find out which fans are also potential prospects. COMPUTD developed a functional tool within a short time that supports our needs.

Fortuna Sittard
Chinouk van Zolingen

Account manager, Fortuna Sittard


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