Klaar voor uw Digitalisatie Reis?

Are you looking for a experienced partner for Data Science solutions? COMPUTD has a team of Data Experts and Data Scientist that combines technology & data skills and experience. Our services span different levels, ranging from identifying promising AI projects, bolstering your data team as well as working as your AI consultant to arrive at a fitting, ideal, custom-made AI Solution.



We envision a future where data science and artificial intelligence are easily understood and usable by organizations of all sizes and all industries. At COMPUTD, we strive to be a trusted partner, delivering tailored data solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals and drive innovation and growth in the AI world.


At COMPUTD, we are committed to simplifying data science and artificial intelligence for organizations. Our mission is to provide accessible expertise and enable data-driven decisions, helping businesses thrive in the digital era.

Ready to begin your digitalization journey?

Wij gaan samen met u de Data Science en Kunstmatige Intelligentie projecten vaststellen die de meeste impact geven met de minste inspanning.


Met het gebruik van technieken als data mining, algoritme voorspellingen en machine learning geven wij u inzicht in uw data.


With clear insights, we train your organisation on how to leverage the potential of AI and Data Science.


Ons team maakt op maat gemaakte oplossingen op het gebied van machine learning en kunstmatige intelligentie die passen bij uw bedrijfsdoelen.


Our Data Scientists help you design your roud-map towards data-drive decision making.


Organisaties die jullie voor waren:

Working with COMPUTD has been a pleasure. We have worked together on multiple projects in which our employees are in continuous contact with the guys of COMPUTD. We collaborate on data models where COMPUTD reviews and validates the architectural choices in our data models enabling us to have a better explanation towards our clients and to speed up the development process of our company.

Sven Reulen

CEO, StraTopo

Een samenwerking is ontstaan op verschillende fronten: het migreren van ons data warehouse, het creëren van beschrijvende dashboards en een diepgang door middel van het “What’s Your Data worth” project. In het algemeen voelden wij ons erg comfortabel met het COMPUTD-team en hun ervaring in Data.

Roger Scholtes

Director, AgriDirect

Recently COMPUTD gave us a glimpse into the world of Artificial Intelligence through an introduction session. An interesting and accessible session, in which they inspired us on the basis of theory, alternated with many practical cases and showed us the added value and possibilities of AI.

Thelma Brassé

Senior Consultant, ORGFit

Ons Team

Marcell Ignéczi

Data Science Consultant

Pieter Schaap

Data Science Consultant

Hidden van Scherpenseel

Data Science Consultant

Sena Solak

Data Science Consultant

Robin Sims

Data Science Consultant

Selin Yazici

Data Science Consultant

Rachel Hanssen

Business Developer

Rick Giesen

Marketing Communications Specialist

Almudena Alvarez Bullain

Data Science Consultant

Kamil Inglot

Data Science Intern

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